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Constable Tim Burch Has Has Become A Legacy And Is Making Headlines!
Inside Edition's Coverage Of Flower Mound Squatters 
Interview With Tim Burch On His Decision To Enter the Election
Chief Burch Interview With Ed Tucker Host Of Apostle Christian Radio
Print & Links
The Argyle Sun
The Denton Record Chronicle-Two Vie for Constable Precinct 4
The Flower Mound Connection
Texas League Of Women Voters
Texas GOP Vote-Shirley Spellerberg Endorses Tim Burch for Constable 
Interview With Denton Record Chronicle
Verizon Campaign Commercial 
Campaign Commercial 2
TV & Film
The Cross Timbers Gazette-Who Filed 
Denton Record Chronicle-Filings Show GOP’s Strength
Cross Timbers Gazette-Meet the Primary Candidates 
Denton Record Chronicle-Deadline to File for 2012 Extended 
DCLEA Announces Endorsements 
Cross Timbers Gazette-Republican Primary Endorsements 
Denton Record Chronicle Primary Filing Period Ends for Now
Cross Timbers Gazette-Incoming Constable Helps Reunite Family .
Denton Record Chronicle-Hopefuls Make Case at Forum 
Cross Timbers Gazette-Bartonville Politics by the Numbers
Denton Record Chronicle-Solemn But Celebratory
Cross Timbers Gazette-Constable's Corner 
Denton Record Chronicle-Commissioners Mull Standards for Vehicles 
Cross Timbers Gazette-Constable's Corner, 2nd Edition
Cross Timbers Gazette-The Man Among the People 
Cross Timbers Gazette-News From Town Hall
Cross Timbers Gazette-There's No Excuse for Child Abuse
Good News Justin-Volunteer of the Month Award
Community Impact Newspaper
Lantana Living-Constables Help Rayzor, Blanton Students Be Safe
NBC News Interviews Constable Burch-Sanger PD Officer Recovers 
Constable Burch on NBC News-Manhunt for Miami Fugitive Part 2
Constable Burch on NBC News-Manhunt for Miami Fugitive Part 

Texas GOP Blogger- Rudy Cajka Endorses Tim Burch for Constable